Acupuncture in Sydney City

Meridian Healing Centre is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic right in the heart of Sydney city.  The principal practitioner, Kirk Wilson is a registered and skilled acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. The clinic offers treatments using the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kirk successfully treats a wide range of health conditions including headaches, muscular aches/pains, stiff necks, sore backs, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive problems and sports injuries.


In addition to treating a health condition, using Traditional Chinese Medicine practices such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Kirk also aims to maintain health, and prevent reoccurrence of the health condition.


Highly experienced in the area of infertility, Kirk also uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments to support IVF treatment and during pregnancy.  His other specialities lie in the treatment of depression and anxiety, and he has gained the respect of his medical peers and the media for his exploration studies into how acupuncture can most effectively treat these conditions.


Treating each patient as an individual and holistically, Kirk’s believes that our state of wellbeing is influenced by outlook, emotions, diet, lifestyle, habits, and environment, and takes each factor into consideration during diagnosis and treatments.


Conducting his clinic with the utmost professional integrity, Kirk endeavours to develop a trusting and open partnership with his patients. By explaining each and every step of the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment process, Kirk demystifies the ancient healthcare practices of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


Stepping into Kirk’s clinic provides a welcome escape from Sydney’s bustling CBD.  An oasis of calm in an environment inspired by its Chinese roots, Kirk’s clinic is a comfortable place for healing and patients can simply relax and experience a soothing treatment away from the demands of day-to-day life.


By offering ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatments including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Kirk’s aim is to provide his patients with the finest holistic healthcare treatments as a channel to health and wellbeing.